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Protect your business

  • We work all over Ukraine
    We work all over Ukraine
  • Ensuring the personal safety of individuals
    Ensuring the personal safety of individuals
  • Physical security
    Physical security
  • Protection of commercial and cultural events
    Protection of commercial and cultural events
  • burglar Alarm
    burglar Alarm
  • Automatic fire alarm system
    Automatic fire alarm system
  • Support of cargoes
    Support of cargoes

Our company provides security services for large and important objects as hypermarkets and supermarkets, shopping and entertainment centers, banks, factories, country houses, cottages, night clubs, hotels, restaurant, educational institutions as well as pre-schools, offices and warehouses, during cargo shipments. We offer also personal protection including weapon support if needed.

About secure holding

We provide installation and service of fire and security alarms including those which work with GSM-channel and phone lines.

The personnel of our company follow your personal instructions and rules strictly. They get equipped and dressed up in accordance with your wishes.

We base our work on the interests of a potential customer which allows us to make any possible adjustments in the actions and behavior of our employees.

Our main goals are:
- Protection of the objects we are responsible for;
- Prevention of illegal entrance on the territory of the protected objects;
- Security during public events.

To provide better efficiency in case of emergency all information goes to the control center of the company from where a specially equipped group is sent to the emergency place. All protected by our company places are controlled by the officers working in the shifts and cars.

Administration of the Holding company consists of former employees of police and armed forces who provide easy and fast cooperation with these institutions if needed. Experience, legal education and special training of our personnel make it possible for us to provide the best quality services.